Kim Hines, Theater Artist

Kim Hines has been in the business of theater over 50+ years. She started out as a child actor, went on to college, got a degree in speech and theater, helped to found a theater company, and was on the ground floor of another and then got her union card. She worked with many theater companies learning her craft, the finer points of dramaturgy, and experimented more and more with directing.

While on the journey of acting and directing, she accidentally found that she had an aptitude for playwrighting -- she ignored her talents in that arena, came back to it a decade later and thus started another career related to theater.

Now as Kim continues to work in Theater, she has made another addition to her roster of talents. Kim is a Coach and Mentor to artists.


Kim, having written close over 30 plays, a nationally known playwright, her work has been performed by theaters from coast to coast.

Her play I BELIEVE I'LL RUN ON AND SEE WHAT THE END GONNA BE was introduced at New Voices, New Visions at the prestigious Kennedy Performing Arts Center in Washington, D.C.

Four of her plays have since been produced by The Kennedy Center. (ALICE--an adaptation of Whoopi Goldberg's book; MY LORD WHAT A MORNIN': THE MARIAN ANDERSON STORY; SUNDIATA: THE LION KING OF MALI and KITE ON THE WIND:A PAKISTANI TALE. ) Two of those productions were then turned into year-long national tours.

    Kim spent over 50 + years as an actor, director, dramaturg all throughout the Twin Cities. At the Playwrights' Center, in Minneapolis, she was the first (& only one for a good many years) African-American female playwright to receive a core-membership. She is the co-creator (along with David Moore) of Many Voices writing program for writers of Color in 1994.  After many evolutions, the program is still running today, serving numerous writers of Color from across the nation.


  Over time, Kim has been awarded 27 commissions,  6 grants, proclaimed Artist of the Year in Minneapolis and received 5 other awards given by non-profit organizations for using her art and work in relation to various social issues.

   Kim has been honored by the city of Minneapolis in the form a sculpture of her likeness that was become a part of the city's Greenway project.

   She was given the highest honors by her alma mater Macalester College bestowed to an Alumnus: The Distinguished Citizen Award-- for her work in theater and education.

   Kim received  the renowned Bush Fellowship for Playwrighting.



As a director, Kim has worked with many theaters in town including Theater Mu, Park Square, Theater in the Round, The History Theater, Illusion Theater, Theater Unbound and Augsburg College  

Productions out of town include places like Cornell University in New York, University of Northern Iowa and Kansas University.

She has brought productions to Grand Marais Arts CenterSt. Cloud State Univ., Univ. of MN, Univ. of Nebraska-Lincoln, Ohio State Univ.-Columbus, Mankato State Univ.



Kim started her theater training as a child actor at The Children's Theater Company of Minneapolis. She was a member of both the company and school. 

    She received her  BA in Speech and Theater (& Visual Arts) from Macalester College.

  As an Equity actor, Kim has performed at a majority of the theaters in the Twin Cities area including the Mixed Blood Theater, Illusion Theater, Penumbra Theater and the Guthrie Theatre

    For over 2 decades Kim was one of a stable of actors at the Playwrights' Center, workshopping and performing new plays.

     She is one of the founding members of Mixed Blood Theater and one of the original actors of Penumbra Theater. 

Kim's Umbrella -- STUDIO EGG LLC

This is the name of Kim's company that has become an umbrella for all of the work that she does---whether it's playwrighting, directing, dramaturgy work  OR  coaching and mentoring OR publishing (a new endeavor for her). You can find it all at Studio Egg LLC.  Get all the information about her and what is being going on with all of her projects....because Kim Hines is "Always hatching something!