"I Believe I'll Run On 

and See What the 

End's Gonna Be"


by Kim Hines


As long as teens and violence are linked -- this play will exist!


The play takes place in the 1990s, but might as well be in present time.

Teenagers Donny and NeeCee live with their grandmother, because of their mother's drug use. 


NeeCee aspires to graduate from high school and go on to college. Donny gets involved with a gang. Almost killed, Donny is relegated to a wheelchair due to a spinal injury and seizures.

When Donny has his seizures, he finds himself in a desert talking with 600 yr. old Queen Esther, the keeper of history and Uncle Best who has spent his life searching. The pair seek a member of a younger generation to whom they can pass down the legacy of the black race. 

In his waking hours, Donny lives in anger over the changes in his life and tries to figure out who should pay for his physical injuries.

Stakes are heightened when Donny’s grandmother makes up her mind to put her grandson in a spinal cord medical trial; requiring that she put her house and café up for sale. However Donny has no idea of her selfless plans and the grandmother doesn’t know that Donny has decided to seek revenge on a rival gang thus putting his whole family in danger.

Donny’s journey has him questioning his decisions in regards to his need for revenge; the use of violence and how his actions affect not only his family---but has added to the list of problems within his community as well.

 Running time Approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes. 


3 black males (1 of the males can be Latino, Asian or white), 

4 female (1 female can be either Latina or white) .


The play is appropriate to be seen by 3rd grade to Adult Audiences



If you are interested in this play, contact

Kim Hines

(see below for information)