"Kite on the Wind:

A Pakistani Tale"


by Kim Hines


Shahab, a 13 year old boy, daydreams in and holds conversations with mythic characters from his Pakistani culture, instead of paying attention in class. His parents pressure him to do better in school, but Shahab only wants to daydream and draw pictures of kites; he hopes to fly one in the Basant Kite Festivals that take place each year.

Shahab's father, angry with him because of his grades, forbids his son to fly a kite in the festival. In defiance of his father, the boy finds himself on a journey to collect the materials to construct a special kite--he meets many characters along the way and by accident, learns something about his father that will eventually bring them to a new understanding about each other. 

A wonderfully humorous and lyrical piece. Also an introduction to learning about Ghazal poetry.

Approximately running time: 1 hour 10 minutes.


Script was initially written for a cast of about 8, but the full number of characters that can be cast is 15. 


Cast: 9 males, 6 females.



If you are interested in this play, contact

Kim Hines

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