"By n' By" 


by Kim Hines


A play about "cause and effect" and how individual 

choices made in the past can have far-reaching effects

 on many others,  far into the future.


*NEW PLAY--Unproduced*


It is the 1930s - the Depression, Minneapolis, Minnesota. MAE WILLIAMS runs a boardinghouse to make ends meet.

Her boarders: a longtime friend and porter GENERAL; LENA who does day-work and 'another' type of work at night, and Mae's spoiled 30-year-old son BISHOP.

Mae's sisters MILLIE and GRACE come up from Alabama desperate to convince Mae to sign off on her portion of land, the family needs the cash the land will bring. In the midst of dealing with her present family issues, Mae is worried about her descendants. 


Her intuitive visions have made her very concerned about what she sees. She wills BRUCE a white blind psychic of the present (2004), to join her in the past in order to help her save her family of the future.

Approximate running time: 1 hr., 45 minutes



 3 black males, 4 black females.


Great for Teen and Adult Audiences!


If you are interested in this play, contact

Kim Hines

(see below for information)