Who Was I...

the Last Time I Saw You?

 A play in four lives 


by Kim Hines


A tour de force for any African-American actress...

or can be played by 4 separate actresses...

This show is made up of four separate monologues.

It can either be a one woman show or a show for 4 actresses

MAVIS--80 years old.

Through song (she's just been kicked out of the choir for singing too loud) and story, we learn of her survival techniques in dealing with her two husbands during the Depression and World War II.

PORTIA--mid 30's to mid 40 years old.

A lesbian who sells MaryKay cosmetics. A "lipstick dyke," she makes commentary on being self employed and a minority within a minority.

BEVERLY--25 years old.

A single mother of three living on welfare, she folds clothes in the park as she tells her often humorous and many times compelling story of how she became a parent at the age of 15 and again at the age of 20. She explains how she became involved with a Right to Life group and now tries to cope with the children she never really wanted.

CHRISTY-- 10 years old.

It is the summer of 1965. Christy is on the threshold of puberty. She tries to understand the the world around her in regards to the Civil Rights Movement as well as struggling to understand and deal with the changes going on inside her.



Running Time Approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes. 




If you are interested in this play, contact

Kim Hines

(see below for information)