Kim Hines

Theater Artist

Kim Hines has been in the business of theater over 50+ years. She started out as a child actor, went on to college, got a degree in speech and theater, helped found a theater company, was on the ground floor of another and then got her union card. 

She worked with many theater companies learning her craft, the finer points of dramaturgy, and experimented more and more with directing.

While on the journey of acting and directing, she accidentally found that she had an aptitude for playwrighting -- she ignored her talents in that arena, came back to it a decade later and thus started another career related to theater.

Now as Kim continues to work in Theater, she has made the additions of  COACHING/MENTORING and PUBLISHING to her roster of talents. 

Coach & Mentor

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This is the name of Kim's company that has become an umbrella for all of the work that she does---whether it's playwrighting, directing, dramaturgy work  OR  coaching and mentoring OR publishing (a new endeavor for her) OR anything else that she wishes to pursue.

 You can find it all at Studio Egg LLC!  

Get all the information about her and what is being going on with all of her projects....

...because Kim Hines is

 "Always hatching something!" 

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