The Lion King of Mali" 


 by Kim Hines


Based on an old African tale from Mali

Sundiata is born sickly and crippled, and, while still a young boy, is banished from the very kingdom he inherits from his father.

The boy travels about Africa with his mother, and is finally taken in by a family friend who becomes his surrogate father, and grooms him for his future role as a King. Through fate, Sundiata is given the opportunity to save his father's kingdom from being taken over by a rival kingdom, thus earning his role as the King of Mali.

Based on a true story that has been passed down from griot to griot for many centuries! 

Approximate running time: 1 hour.



Can be done with a core group of about 8 actors

(and as many as 20 actors) 

Enough roles for 9 Female, 11 male

It is assumed that a core group of actors 

will play a variety of roles 




If you are interested in this play contact

Kim Hines

(see below for information)