based on a book by Whoopi Goldberg

adapted for the stage by Kim Hines


True wealth is measured by how many true friends you have...

So you think being rich will get you a giant house, fun times, lots of great friends, and everything that money can buy?

Smart and sassy young Alice believes it will, in this adaptation of Whoopi Goldberg’s delightful

children’s book brought to the stage by Minneapolis playwright Kim Hines. After many nights filled with dreams of fame and fortune, Alice can hardly believe it when she is the winner of a mysterious sweepstakes!

With her two best friends in tow – Sal De Rabbit, a white rabbit who’s, well, kind of invisible, and Robin, a card-playing nerd who has a thing for hats – Alice heads into the topsy-turvy neon wonderland of the Big City in a race against the clock to claim her big prize. Armed only with zany directions from a mysterious streetwalker, the group discovers a labyrinth of adventures, with a surprise around every corner. Along the way, they cross paths with a multitude of colorful characters, each as unique as the city itself.

When hungry for a snack, Alice and her friends encounter an unconventional street food vendor whose delicacies all come on a stick. They protect the lucky ticket from rich uptown ladies out to steal their winnings. Alice even joins hip-hop artists rapping for their subway fare and meets a fortune-teller with a feisty crystal ball.

Join Alice and her friends on a journey bigger than their wildest dreams, leading them to the biggest treasure of all – the realization of the importance of friendship.

Approximate running time: One hour 15 minutes.


Cast: 3 males, 2 females...ensemble cast...all play multiple roles except of the title character. 


 Multicultural Casting



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Kim Hines

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